Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Hope of Memory [Update 21] Rom Tar Complete

It took a lot longer than I expected (14 months), but the first draft of the third book in my The Hope of Memory trilogy, Rom Tar, is finally complete!  

This was a tough book for me to write, tougher than anything I had written before.  It involved a lot of additional backstory and world building, and working out the details for multiple storylines definitely was a challenge.  I've blogged about that previously, so I won't go into it again here.  Suffice to say, I'm glad to finally get the first draft done and move onto revising and finalizing Book 2, Wilders, for release.

The estimated word count for the Rom Tar first draft is 174K words, which makes it longer than the final draft of The Distant (168K words), but that will certainly change as I go through revisions.

Yes, that is the symbol that will be on the cover for Rom Tar.
If you've read The Distant, you should know what it stands for.

Book 2 Release

This means that Wilders will not release in 2014 as I had hoped.  I'm reading through the second draft of that book now, and there is considerable work to be done cleaning up some of the text and plotlines.  Now that I know exactly where everything goes in Rom Tar, I can adjust accordingly and get the right details in there.

So I won't provide a date, but I anticipate it being another 2-3 months at least before Wilders is available.  After that, all that remains is revision of Rom Tar, so that will quickly follow.  Huzzah!

Now I have to type it all up...