Monday, June 1, 2015

Yellow Chair Review - Chair Stealer and Tickle Finger

A poem of mine, Chair Stealer and Tickle Finger, is featured in the latest issue of Yellow Chair Review, which has a theme of Superheroes.  You can check it out here:

If you're wondering, I don't write much poetry these days, but I did a lot when I was at University of Nebraska, like 18 years ago or so (wow I'm getting old).  I even took a poetry writing course there, which was interesting, as I got to learn about different styles and force myself to write in them.

So I have tons of old poems lying around that perhaps I might dust off and submit to a few places.  Some are actually pretty good, I think.

The thing I've always liked about poetry, though, is that it's very subjective.  There's almost no right or wrong, unless you are attempting to write in a rigid format, but that's only fun a few times.

Anyway, check out YCR, it's a newer journal, with both poetry, short prose and art.  Some good stuff in there.