Sunday, May 14, 2017

Blog Refresh

After 6 years, I've decided to make a change to the blog design, including changing the font to Roboto and switching the template to dark on light for accessibility reasons.  It doesn't look as fancy as some blogs, but it serves its purpose and I want to keep it simple.  Maybe I'll play around with the design more later.

Unfortunately, this change means that I have to reformat most of my older posts because I stupidly hard-coded the font by selecting it in the Blogger editing tool, rather than using site-wide CSS.  Some of the older posts are wonky now, with inconsistent formatting.  I'll have to gradually fix that manually.

I removed all of the gaming widgets.  I don't game as much these days and they just add to the clutter.  For fun, I've replaced them with a "Popular Posts" widget that shows the top 5 posts for the previous 7 days.

And lastly, I cleaned up the post labels by removing many extraneous ones.  I'll probably pull a few more, but for now, enjoy the much smaller and cleaner label section!

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