Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Hope of Memory [Update 31] Rom Tar Released!

Finally, the day has come.  The Hope of Memory is complete.

The book is available in both trade paperback and Kindle formats.  The trade paperback is a buck more than previous volumes, unfortunately, since there are more pages.  The additional pages are partly due to the timeline and glossary I added, which the first two volumes don't have (I didn't feel they needed them yet, but with Rom Tar, it was definitely needed).

Anyways, this has taken much longer to complete than I expected, and I have a much greater respect for authors who create longer fantasy and sci-fi works... it's a bitch to keep everything organized and all the details consistent across books, even when it's only three books.

If you were waiting to read it until absolutely sure than the series would be finished... wait no more!  Go buy it!  I'm proud of how it turned out and hope people enjoy it.


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