Fiction Retrospectives

All posts related to my fiction retrospectives are compiled here.  Click an image or link to go to the post.  Hover to see the description.

My retrospectives are centered around fantasy or science fiction series that I read when I was younger and which had a great influence on me, particularly as a writer myself. There are things I want to say about them, I feel this is the right time to say them, and I don't want these works to be forgotten over time.  The posts are generally my own personal commentary on each series.

Each retrospective will probably have an Overview, Conclusion and posts on each volume in the series.

Note: these retrospectives contain spoilers for each entire series from the very beginning.

Be wary about reading them if you don't want the entire series spoiled for you.  Some of these series are pretty old, and the Statute of Limitations on spoilers has run out for me.  You have been warned.


The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan (& Brandon Sanderson)
1990 - 2013

Retrospective Complete: 2011/05/31 - 2013/09/23

The Belgariad / The Mallorean by David Eddings
1982 - 1998

Retrospective Complete: 2012/06/20 - 2015/11/29

The Apprentice Adept by Piers Anthony
1980 - 1982

Retrospective Complete: 2016/04/10 - 2017/04/25

Dragonlance Chronicles / Legends by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
1984 - 1986

Retrospective in Progress: 2017/09/03 - ?

Reviews / Commentary
Any one-off blogs about fiction will be listed here:

   2012-11-20: Vampires / Witches [Books 1-15] by Anne Rice
   2012-08-14: Chung Kuo by David Wingrove
   2020-04-05: Vampires / Witches [Books 16-17] by Anne Rice
   2020-05-25: Vampires / Witches [Book 18] by Anne Rice

Future Retrospectives
Currently I plan on doing the following series as retrospectives in the future:
  • The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever by Stephen R. Donaldson
  • ...and possibly more.

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