Rom Tar (Mar 2018)

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Book 3 of The Hope of Memory

The Mercy of Death: 

"You will often find that males houlves exhibit a penchant for madness. A smart Breeder knows when to cut his losses and give the gift of mercy. Sometimes, things should not be allowed to live."

- from Keryca’s Treatise on Breeding

Wilders (Apr 2016)

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Book 2 of The Hope of Memory

The Uses of Kutad: 

"Kutad should only be used as a last resort for sedation, prior to a mercy killing or breeding. Some houlves will try to resist. Kutad is necessary in these circumstances to relax them, make them pliable."

- from Keryca’s Treatise on Breeding

The Distant (Oct 2013)

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Book 1 of The Hope of Memory

The Perils of Intimacy: 

"Do not attach yourself to any houlf. They are beasts. No good comes of befriending one. Though they may speak our words, their intentions are false."

- from Keryca’s Treatise on Breeding

Practicing (Jan 2012)

FREE eBook | pdf | mobi (Kindle) | epub (Nook)

A collection of 13 short stories that showcase how Brad's writing evolved over the years.  In this mix of fantasy, science fiction and occult stories, Brad reveals a little background on each story - why he wrote it, his inspirations, what he was trying to accomplish, etc.

This book is free to download and has been released under a Creative Commons non-commercial, non-deriative work license.  If you are curious about Brad's ideas and writings, check it out, you have nothing to lose.  If you like it, then you will like his other work.  Trust him, you will.

The file you choose will need to be manually transferred to your eReader.  To learn how to transfer files to your eReader, check these links: Kindle | Nook.  The mobi and epub files have been formatted specifically for Kindle and Nook eReaders.

Bonebearer (Sep 2011)

$1.99 eBook | Kindle | Nook

Kother is a young Yanai boy that lives in the jungles of Kounna. He grows up learning the ways of the jungle and what is expected of a Yanai male, though with his own private doubts about the accepted traditions and rituals of his people.

When he embarks on the male Yanai "coming of age" mission to retrieve his soulstones, he realizes that he is not fit to be a Yanai, and has no true desire to be. This realization leads him on a quest beyond the jungles of his homeland, through deserts and tundra and mountains, encountering strange peoples and customs, searching for the meaning behind his existence.

What he finds is disconcerting... and what he eventually becomes is even more disturbing, for deception lies at the core of all things.


The Fabric of Continuance

[science fiction / fantasy]

This is an open-ended series is about the afterlife and the internet.  That's all I say.  You'll have to read it.

Still debating whether to try and traditionally publish or just get it out there as self-published.

Book 1: Hop Limit
COMPLETE as of 2019-11-05.  ~172K words.

Book 2: The First Persistent
Work on this is going slow, particularly because of COVID-19 and work from home.

Current progress as of 2020-05-25: 40K words.

The Hope of Memory

[science fiction]

This trilogy is complete and available for purchase (see above)!

I do have ideas for filling out this universe more, but it will take a lot of work.  Must wait until the time is right.

Updates on my progress for this trilogy:
   2012-02-08 [1] The Distant Third Draft
   2012-03-10 [2] Remembering & AutoHotkey
   2012-04-22 [3] Expanding to a Trilogy
   2012-05-23 [4] The Distant Third Draft Complete
   2012-06-26 [5] Book Two & The Distant Fourth Draft
   2012-07-31 [6] Keep on Truckin'
   2012-09-03 [7] Book Two Midpoint
   2012-10-21 [8] Chapter Names
   2012-12-07 [9] A Recent Break
   2013-02-07 [10] Wilders Complete
   2013-03-30 [11] Typing vs. Longhand
   2013-04-29 [12] Of Estimates & Editing
   2013-06-17 [13] Spring Cleaning
   2013-07-14 [14] Outlines & Previews
   2013-08-31 [15] The Distant Finalized
   2013-10-11 [16] The Distant Released!
   2013-11-17 [17] Rom Tar Progress
   2013-12-15 [18] Wilders Cover
   2014-01-28 [19] Rom Tar & Goodreads
   2014-04-04 [20] Writer's Block
   2014-12-02 [21] Rom Tar Complete
   2015-03-04 [22] The Real Editing Begins
   2016-01-12 [23] Wilders is Coming
   2016-03-08 [24] Back Cover Summary
   2016-03-20 [25] Wilders Finalized
   2016-04-29 [26] Wilders Released!
   2016-09-06 [27] Status Report
   2016-10-13 [28] World Notes
   2017-01-02 [29] Rom Tar Fourth Draft
   2018-01-07 [30] Rom Tar Finalized
   2018-04-22 [31] Rom Tar Released!


  1. Unknown material... I'll have to check it out some time. Do you sell hard copies? Not a big fan of ebooks.

    1. Sorry, no... only sell them as ebooks right now.

    2. Update: My latest book (The Distant) is out as a trade paperback. Going forward all books will have a trade version.